Love Field Modernization



Website and MGMT Console

Project Description

Love Field Modernization Program, fondly called LFMP, is a $500 million dollar program backed by the City of Dallas and Southwest Airlines to update the Dallas Love Field Airport. The project includes the construction and updates to all facilities, infrastructure systems and equipment for operation of the future terminal complex at the Airport.

LFMP came to dib creative needing a new, modernized website where they could disseminate information to the public regarding the ongoing progress of the project. With nothing more than a logo, dib designed a clean, image-driven site where information is easily accessible to the media, contractors, local neighborhood and the general public.

By using our proprietary back-end administrative console (or the “dib console”), we were able to build an easy-to-use application so the client is able to upload the latest press releases, construction updates, photos, videos and contact info with just a few clicks. This will allow LFMP and Southwest Airlines to keep the site fresh and relevant over the next few years as the project progresses.

Launch Project